Bowen Institute of Technology

Welcome to the Bowen Institute of Technology. This site is the home base for the education, consulting and software development services available from the BIT and its dedicated and engaged staff. The team at BIT follow Agile and Lean practices in all our projects and this creates an approach where we focus on the current and greatest project and client needs. Our services focus on getting projects to completion. If you have project needs in any of the following capacities, we would love to help you get them finished.
  1. Online Adult Education and Professional Development - Do you need to increase access to learning? We've got loads of experience in increasing peoples access to the learning they need both professionally and life-long.
  2. Software Architecture and Integration - No online software works on its own, all online systems need to integrate. particularly, when the system is focused on adult online learning. Our development group is focused on using the best of online technology and pedagogical approaches to create effective, deep learning and measured experiences.
  3. Online Learning Communities - We've built online learning communities that span the globe and have thousands of active learners. We've also provided focused attention at increasing access to learning on a project by project basis. Our expertise in the technology and pedagogy behind the creation of adult learning experiences (self-directed, peer-to-peer, blended and community-based)

Clients and Projects

This list includes clients and projects with focus on the technology, curriculum and community building services provided by the Bowen Institute of Technology.